International Housing Comparisons

Undergraduate Prerequisite(s): FNCE 101 Monetary Economics and the Global Economy, Econ 10
MBA Prerequisite (s): FNCE 613 Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment

This course analyzes housing finance systems and housing market outcomes across the globe. In the US, the course focuses on the development of securitization markets and addresses the current challenges of housing finance reform, including the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Internationally, the course covers issues of access to housing and housing informality in developing countries, financial crises arising out of the housing sector, and market-oriented and public policy solutions. The course features a wide array of speakers in finance, government and academia who contribute their perspectives to pressing issues of mortgage market design.

Urban Real Estate Economics

Prerequisite(s):Undergraduate Prerequsites: FNCE 100 and 101
MBA Prerequisites: MGEC 621, Managerial Economics

Urban Real Estate Economics uses economic concepts to analyze real estate markets, values, and trends. The course focuses on market dynamics in the US and internationally, with an emphasis on how urban growth and local and federal government policies impact urban development and real estate pricing. A group development project gives hands on experience, and invited guest speakers bring industry knowledge. Besides the group project and presentation, problem sets are required along with a midterm and a second exam.

Urban Real Estate Economics

Real Estate Finance: Investment and Analysis
REAL 945
Prerequisite(s): MGEC 621, Managerial Economics

REAL 945 is similar in content to 724 but PhD students in REAL 945 will be expected to complete a research paper in addition to the successful completion of the course examination requirements.