Handbook of Regional & Urban Economics – Volume 5

Handbook of Regional & Urban Economics – Volume 5

Co editors: Gilles Duranton, J. Vernon Henderson and William C. Strange

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Empirical methods

Causal inference in urban economics

Nathaniel Baum-Snow and Fernando Ferreira

Structural estimation in urban economics
Thomas Holmes and Holger Sieg

Spatial methods
Steve Gibbons, Henry Overman, Eleonora Patacchini


Agglomeration and urban spatial structure

Agglomeration theory with heterogeneous agents

Kristian Behrens and Frederic Robert-Nicoud

The Empirics of agglomeration economics
Pierre-Philippe Combes and Laurent Gobillon

Agglomeration and innovation
Jerry Carlino and Bill Kerr

The Role of the amenities (Environmental and otherwise) in shaping cities
Matt Kahn and Randy Walsh

Urban land use
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga

Neighbourhood versus network effects
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga

Immigration and the economy of cities and regions
Ethan Lewis and Giovanni Peri


Housing and real estate

Housing bubbles

Edward Glaeser and Charles Nathanson

Housing, finance, and the macroeconomy
Morris Davis and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Microstructure of housing markets: Search, bargaining, and brokerage
Lu Han and William Strange

United States housing policies
Edgar Olsen and Jeffrey Zabel

How mortgage finance affects the urban landscape
Andrew Haughwout, Joseph Tracy, and Sewin Chan

Change and persistence in the economic status of neighborhoods and cities
Stuart Rosenthal and Steve Ross


Applied urban economics

Taxes in cities

Marius Brülhart, Sam Bucovetsky and Kurt Schmidheiny

Place-based policies
David Neumark and Helen Simpson

Regulation and housing supply
Joseph Gyourko and Raven Molloy

Transportation costs and the spatial organization of economic activity
Steve Redding and Matthew Turner

Cities in developing countries: Fueled by rural-urban migration, lacking in tenure security, and short of affordable housing
Jan Brueckner and Somik Lall

The Geography of development within countries
Klaus Desmet and Vernon Henderson

Urban crime
Brendan O’Flaherty and Rajiv Sethi